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government building



Pueblo Housing

with Native American Housing

Santa Fe Compound

With True North Builders LLC

Qualifications include


  • Development design and planning expertise


  • Work with HUD and SBA


  • Qualified for bonding


  • Marketing leadership


  • Titling and banking experience


  • Entrepreneural


  • Community oriented





Proper restoration of earthen structures requires a high degree of specialized expertise and ingenuity.  New Mexico Earth Works has the training, resourcefulness, and hands-on experience needed.


          - NEW determines the nature of deterioration and implements a stabilization plan.


          - NEW repairs or replaces building materials giving consideration to initial construction

            materials and techniques as well as the functionality desired.


          - NEW complies with cultural resource protection legislation for historic properties.


          - NEW updates and expands on properties to be used as modern habitats, always striving

             to retain the character and the distinctive architecture.

design-build  contractor

One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion

Streamlined project delivery


Single point of contract responsibility


Collaboration and teamwork with owner and subcontractors


Faster, less expensive, simpler  than traditional project delivery


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