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​​​​​​Gallery of NEW buildings illustrating a wide range of styles from contemporary to traditional to destination buildings


States Covered - New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado

New Mexico Earth Works, LLC.

Sean Kaltenbach, Custom Builder

Santa Fe/Albuquerque/

Mesilla/Las Cruces


Custom Fireplaces-


The earthen fireplaces handcrafted by New Mexico Earth Works are each unique and customized for their location.   This free form fireplace, for example, is the centerpiece of a large contemporary great room.  Outdoor dining pavilions are another opportunity for a striking fireplace.  More traditional homes often have custom kiva-style fireplaces inside and outside as well as hornos for cooking bread.  We can even restore historic fireplaces. 


Custom Woodworking and Finishes -


Distinctive woodworking and finishes are available from New Mexico Earth Works.  Our craftsmen pay attention to woodworking quality as well as original and distinctive finishes, providing a unified and customized look to kitchens, bathrooms, libraries and bedrooms.  This bedroom is an example of contemporary styling and coordinated finishes.  Other homes have iconic New Mexico style cabinetry.

Lime and Earthen Plastering


New Mexico Earth Works has deep and unique experience with traditional lime plasters and  other earthen plasters.  They provide excellent protection to interior and  exterior structure and insulate building components.   They also provide  a vast array of interesting textures and colors.  NEW works with a wide range of formulas to achieve special textures and colors for each surface.  Earthen plasters are also attractive because they are less toxic and energy intesive than traditional wall coverings and are generally easily repaired.

Adobe, compressed earth block
and rammed earth construction

Lime, earth and clay plastering

Residential, commercial,
government and historic

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